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SubXcess was created with the loyal Youtube member in mind.

We have taken all of the amazing aspects of Youtube and combined them into one site. What used to be a strenuous way to find friends and subscriptions has now become much simpler.

Remember the times when you had to go into everyone's channel and ask them to be your friend or subscribe? Well, we have created a few ways to facilitate this process.

Live Chat

Our SubXcess chat room will now be a live way for you to meet new people. Instead of leaving a message on someone's wall and hoping they will see it, now you can interact with someone 1 on 1.

This is also a great way for people to watch videos they might have not seen before they came onto SubXcess. This process will help the user gain views and comments.


One of the major and fun aspects of YouTube's popularity is gaining subscriptions. Without subscriptions, your videos will not be seen.  By using a point system, users will now be able to promote their channels by gaining points interacting with others on the site. Confused? No problem! Please read the FAQ where we explain it in more detail.

Security is our #1 concern on this site. We use YouTube's API (Application Programming Interface) to connect to the subbing. All of your important Youtube information does not pass through our system. Nothing is saved either. Once YouTube logs you out, it logs you out of our system and you will have to relink yourself.


What would a community site be without its members? Resembling YouTube's now extinct community pages, here you will find everyone involved in the SubXcess community. Another great way to find someone that is maybe not in your channel already to friend or view.

At the end of the day, SubXcess's main goal is for everyone to interact in a fun and safe environment. We hope to accomplish this goal for you and bring to you a brand new way of Youtubing.

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